Tom Ciccone

Amerivana is a music production studio founded by Tom Ciccone,

an award-winning composer in both film and pop music.

His work has appeared in films, video games,

and commercial music.



Amerivana is a music production studio that creates compelling original music and sound design for movies, video games, podcasts, and other creative projects. I work closely with content creators to deliver bespoke music that reaches out to audiences and elevates creative projects to be their best. Feel free to take a look at some of the previous projects I have been featured on. Amerivana also publishes a wide catalog of music, with quick, easy licensing to match your project’s needs. If you like what you see, feel free to reach out. -TC


"Tom did an incredible job on The Knight Watch. He came late in the development phase and took care of the whole sound design and music process by himself.

"What makes working with Tom really enjoyable is his ability to understand the constraints that we had and our vision. From the limits set by hardware and design, he was still able to suggest new ideas and think outside the box."

-Dimitri Darsch

Co-founder and game designer of Seele Games

"I was blown away by the composition he sent me back.  It captured the mood and feeling of the film so well and was the absolute perfect compliment to the scene. 

"He intuitively understood what was needed and delivered beyond my expectations.  He ended up composing a track for another scene, and now I can't picture the film without his music.  I'm so glad I got to work with Tom and look forward to many future collaborations!"

-Kylie Murphy

Film Director ("Mad Lib Pixie Dream Girl," BREAK Web Series

"What impressed me most was the initiative and effort Tom put into my project. He is very prompt in his responses and is great at meeting deadlines which stands out to me in choosing anyone to work with on my productions.

"On top of all of that, he has a great feel for music and matching the music with the moments of the scene. I am very happy I chose Tom to compose music for my production."

-Ronnel Ricardo Parham

Executive Producer and Writer of "Odd Man Out: The Series"

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